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Web Privacy and Data Protection Policy

The following is a general statement respecting the Privacy and Data Protection policy in regard to information submitted via any Web site. The principles detailed here will be implemented at each Web site requesting or inviting Personal Data, detailing the specific purposes to which such information will be put, and any special circumstances associated with the use of such information. Where approval is required for the potential use of Personal Data, such approvals will be explicitly requested. This policy does not over-ride legislative or voluntary codes of conduct, where such legislation or code exists, and is applicable to the management of Personal Data. Is Committed to Privacy and Data Protection Around the World recognises and acknowledges the responsibility and duty of trust and care that we have to maintain the privacy of Personal Data shared with us through the WEB, or through any other source.

As a global company in the electronic marketplace we believe that it is our responsibility to set industry-leading standards in our approach to the protection of Personal Data.

Around the world, we comply with country-specific legislative requirements. But we have gone beyond that by implementing a global agreement within that establishes a Code of Practice for the management and handling of Personal Data throughout the company -- a comprehensive set of rules establishing a consistently protected environment for Personal Data controlled by us -- anywhere in the world. Privacy and the Web
Correspond with confidence: Whenever you share any facts about yourself with, it goes no further than us. It is our commitment to comply with the following:

  • Our commitment on Use: When you share personal information with us, that information will be used only in direct connection with the purpose for which it was provided. If you ask for information, make a purchase, send a subscription, that's what you'll get -- you won't find yourself on a new mailing list or subject to sales contacts. If we think it would be useful to you to make additional use of your data, we will specifically ask your approval. No opt-in, no additional use.

  • Our commitment on Confidentiality: We will not share your data with a third party unless we specifically ask your approval. No opt-in, no transfer. While we may hold or process your data at various places, at all times the management and handling rules under our Code of Practice will be applicable to ensure that these same commitments still apply; the only exceptions to this being in response to a court order or other legal obligation.

  • Our commitment on Retention: We won't keep your data longer than we need to. When its purpose has been fulfilled, it will be deleted confidentially and totally.

  • Our commitment on Accuracy: If we need to keep your data for the long term, we will provide a method for routinely validating and confirming that the data is accurate and will work with you to achieve this.

  • Our commitment on Access: Every time we collect data, you will find a mail address that you can use to contact us to check what data we control about you. We will get back to you as quickly as possible, but we will need to verify that you are the 'Data Subject' before we can release any data. We will endeavor to respond to you within 10 days.

  • Our commitment on Security: Your Personal Data will be secure. manages data for major corporations around the world, and has done so for nearly 40 years. We take pride that our technology and our security policies keep even the most confidential personal and commercial data safe with us.

  • Our commitment to Juniors: We would not normally collect Personal Data on juniors (age 13 or less). Where we become aware of such data it will be deleted immediately and without completion of the intended use. Where in exceptional cases data must be collected on children, such data will be collected and used in compliance with such local practices and recommendations as may be in force, in addition to the requirements of the Code of Practice generally. Data on children will additionally in all circumstances be defined as 'Sensitive Data' and subject to the additional rules regarding such data.

How We Manage Our Commitment To Privacy and Data Protection operating entities around the world are signatories to the Intercompany Agreement establishing' Global Code of Practice for Privacy and Data Protection. The Code of Practice encompasses the scope of the various diverse yet applicable country-legislation, and draws upon certain industry voluntary agreements around the world. Compliance with the Code of Practice is promoted and enforced through an awareness and education programme. There is an internal complaint resolution procedure aimed at investigating and resolving any complaints or other problems that may arise from time to time. The Global Privacy Office provides strategy direction and guidance on privacy issues within is also an active participant in industry groups in matters of Privacy and Data Protection, and an active participant in supporting and progressing privacy and the protection of Personal Data within the electronic environment. -- a worldwide commitment to Privacy and Data Protection
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